the good old days.

Presently i`m 16 yrs old.i`ve passed 10th standard from DonBosco school nashik.i`ve left school now.i didn`t  really  liked going to school.I hated  getting up in the morning at 6.00am and my mom would scold me if i won`t get up and then we would end up quarelling. This scenario would take place almost every day.And then  i id had to push my self  and get ready.At school too  i loved sleeping during classes.But unfortunately we had to face the principal as a result so that option was cut out.The only thing left was doing  mischiefs and troubling the teacher.but this had to be done in a group and not individually.well it was a lot of fun then.

our class was suspended for almost 3 days . the most awesome thing about my school life i liked was the interval or recess or whatever u call it.It was the time when u can do anything and everything  one wants to do.The first thing  that we would do is that become happy or scream at the teacher teaching us even if she not done anything to annoy us.and then worship our stomash(paet puja)and then if there is any time left then play anything u want with your friends or just complete your notebooks ,journals workbooks etc which you are late to submit to your teacher.the saddest moment is that when you realise is that your break has finished.And then you get angry.So u trouble the teachers even more in after recess periods .

Another saddening thing was that you come to school and you come to know that you have your assembly in the quadrangle.we had to stand there for almost half hour and we were not allowed to sit.As a result everyday atleast one  student would  fall  down due to giddiness or thinking about the fact that he has to stand for more half hour. Sometime it used to very boring to hear the  morning talks.

school life is the most important in ones life. we come to know how to make friends and how to have fun in life. I really miss school.In college nobody cares who you are.some times they dont even know wether you are in their college or not.there is so much competitive atmosphere in the outside world.It`s a bit difficult to cope up with the outside world.

There were some periods where we didn`t even know what the teacher was was like a free or notebook completion or talking or joking period.The physical training (PT) period was the most joyful period of the week.but unfortunately there were only two of such kind of periods per week.Now i understand why people say that happy moment dont last long.Even if there was only 0ne football we were allowed to play with and there were only about 50 students instead of 22 players( total)and everybody jumping and chasing  that innocent thing,we loved it.There was nothing rejoicing in life than the thought of having free periods everyday.

Sitting on the last bench and making noises to irritating the teacher is a thing i miss a lot from school.Even if i didn`t do anything like that it was the awesomest thing.In school life besides playing badminton, our hobby in class was irritating the teacher.when teacher used to get irritated, we used to be like                   like our most valued top secret mission was completed . and the teacher was like.And that time was ofcourse where everybody laughed.

The school teaches the value of giving.The value of sharing .it used to be such a friendly atmosphere there.The most boring full of negative energy etc etc were the exams.It is so much boring to study.But the joy of coping during the exam is something that a home schooled child will never have.During exams we used to be best friends, all of us.The person sitting on the last bench was considered the most lucky person ,while the person on the first bench and being  nearst to the teacher was considered the unluckiest,because  it will be hard for him to copy any data he nedds as he had constant attention of the teacher right in front of him.after exams it was like we had won a war.  and it used to be a moment of rejoice.we used to not study for atleast a week after that.

Well for all the good old in my school i would like to thank my friends my teachers and especially the non teaching staff for keeping the school building so clean and throwing all the negative energy outside the school.well i still have understood the significance of assembly but it must for a good reason.and all the people who have my school life , child hood so cheerful and nice.The old days were good for me wht about you?


2 thoughts on “the good old days.

  1. u hv shown real authentic maturity as par ur age group ….some how u hv grwon up now….these experience of life will take u towards your family and friends more closer…god bless u….

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