peace atlast – Udaipur


My next stop was Udaipur. Udaipur had a really awesome history.It is after coming here that i learned quite a lot  about the great Maharana Pratap. The  awesomest  places at Udaipur include the Udaipur city palace (where a part of the movie ‘Yeh Javani Hai Divani’ was shot) ,the Jalmahal , Jagmandir .Udaipur citypalace is owned by the Udaipur royalty.I visited Kumbalgarh and Chittorgarh from here(each of them was a one day return to Udaipur). The light and sound show at the city palace was kinda nice too.

so here are some of the photos that i took at Udaipur.( the pictures of citypalace are from the internet.I was not able to capture the citypalace because unfortunately  i had  run out of battery . )


Maharana Pratap memorial


The Royal cenotopes


Thali I ate at Udaipur . It was nothing much different from what we get here.


The Iconic reservoir at Chhittorgarh.


@ Kumbal garh .It was very very difficult to chase it. I chased this inscet for like atleast an hour in that scorching sun.


One of the cars at the cars exibition. They were really huge as compared to what we use right now.


@ The Royal Cenotopes


@Kumbhal garh





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