Drive (2011)


I have been co-incidently seeing a lot of crime related motion pictures lately.What I`ve observed is that the situations shown in Drive are quite near to real world scenarios.The movie started quite awesomely showing him supporting a bunch of robbers.Basically his job was  to help the criminals elude the police.

As a result our guy here must be and is as expected a gifted car driver.He was even going to race as a professional driver in NASCAR.Frankly speaking ,the car chases were excellently captured and I appreciate the director and the DOP for doing such a wonderful job.I wished to see more of them and cursed the director for not keeping them as many as I had been expecting at the end of the movie.But actually at the end of the day I think that he did the right thing or this movie would have been called the Tokyo Drift , wouldn`t it?

The movie opens with Kavinsky`s Nightcall and I think that music is really excellent.I`m not into EDM or anything like that, but believe me this thing is kinda good.It gives more of a darkish feeling at the start and then suddenly you are alleviated by its innovative chorus.I guess the chorus just makes you fly.I guess that is why this song is perfect for opening this movie as it conveys the whole meaning of the film in just 5mins.

Just keep yourself in the driver`s shoes , you`ll have feel like your life was really cool when you were the original you and not the driver. There is a underworld boss who wants your head ,there is a girl that you like and she likes you back, but she is married ( sho shad 😦 ),I mean life is sad.But still he gather`s his shit to help his fellow neighbor.I`ve heard many a times that true loving is letting go and not holding onto….well this movie portrays this perfectly.


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