Everybody has an urge to usurp power and touch the sky.They spend their whole life chasing the ultimate dream.Fewer are quite lucky enough to even reach there.What after that? , A new goal ? or satisfaction for life ? like really….what after that?.Holding onto and maintaining the achieved power , position is a real challenge my brothers and female friends.Most people don`t last.

Similarly a guy like me aka Tetsuo is member of a bike gang in a futuristic(according to the thought process in 1988) Neo Tokyo.He bumps into a military  lab rat which triggers a series of events leading to Tetsuo usurping enormous amount of power similar to the legendary(in  movie)  Akira. He suffered great deal of pain because his body was trying to adapt to the newly achieved power.But Tetsuo is really happy here , because he`s really strong now.He can payback all his bullies now for what they had done to him.Tetsuo loses his humbleness.Kills his friends , he thinks himself as the king of the world.

But he was not able to hold on to the power for long.His powers were soon going out of his control.His body was not moving according to his will.In this process , he lost his beloved girlfriend and almost killed his best friend who was trying to help him in this whole process. I guess one must always aspire for more , to fly high.But he must never let go of what he already has.The friendships,the people who`ll be there for you in the blink of an eye.And if he does achieve the ultimate dream , he must make sure that he holds on to it.

I guess that`s what I`ve learned from Akira.Do watch this movie.It is a japanese animated movie with an IMDB rating of 9.0 .I`ve not covered every nook and corner of the movie.I hope you`ll take interest from this blog and watch it. shreyas bhujbal , signing out.