Hitler’s struggle – part1

It was taught us in schools that Adolf Hitler is a symbol of cruelty , hatred and passion.He was the one responsible for killing so many jews .People say that he was sent by the devil himself to cause havoc on earth (no he didnt!).

I`m a true believer of the fact that every story has another side to it that people ignore or have never heard of.Just like Nick Dunne(Ben Affleck) was misunderstood by the media believing over false stories and facts told by his wife Amy Elliot-Dunne(Rosamund Pike) in “Gone Girl”. My point here is that people who didn`t even know Mr.Dunne started cursing him believing on the information told to them.

Similarly Hitler`s story had a second side too.Hitler here had a tremendous love for his fellow Germans.Everything he did was for the love for his country.He was in Austria for quite a lot of time.And he observed that the Austrian government was was full of incapable worthless pricks just like the Indian Government.He saw that the high class people were sucking the life out of the common man.There were no measures taken for the welfare of this hardworking class.He found out that the majority of these so called “high class” people were the jews . He said that these people were pulling the country down.

I guess this was the primary reason why hitler had inculcated a deep hatred for the jews.He wanted to eradicate the jews out of this world.I guess that was a big mistake that he did. His primary for such a hineous task was because maybe he didn`t want the coming generations to face what his generations had faced due to the jews.

—— I have nothing against the jewish people.The above text is in context with the book “Mein Kamph” written by hitler.

For more of hitler…stay tuned for the coming posts.