Peace atlast

I just passed my 12th  grade exam.I was so much frustrated  after studying for around 10 hours  daily for 2 years.So i decided to go on a trip  all alone. I went  to Rajasthan.Well , because  I was  always  curious about , the  life style , history , etc of  royal families  living there.   Well it was a hell of a trip.  It realy was awesome.The awesomest part of the trip was, Mout Abu. I  walked  in the streets , and wandered freely  just like the wind.  I had hoped  that it would rain during my stay at Mount abu, and fortunately it did. And it was so awesome , the climate improved drastically.And my stay there became more joyfull. I got what i wanted .  I wanted peace , I wanted to spend  some time with myself.  I  got what i had been longing for these 2 years ,,, Peace.  I had   never enjoyed so much in my whole life like I did in Mount Abu. It was worth it. You  must be thinking that only some crazy guy would think about going to Rajasthan in the summers.But beleive me , it was not that bad. I  didn`t  feel  that much heat there,, but i used to get thirsty like hell every 15 minutes. I used to drink so much water that  there was no need for me to have dinner or even lunch.  I was not  hungry maybe because of the heat (i  totally don`t find any connection between heat and hunger,,,but i`ve kinda heard).  


My first stop was Jaipur (well i did feel a little hot there ,, but kinda got used to after a little while). The most awesomest thing about jaipur i think is Amer fort  and   the Jaipur City Palace ( where the movie Bhool Bhuliya was shot) . Amer fort was simply amazing. The  level of maintainance that they had there  was kinda nice (partly because a lot of foreigners are brought here,,a lot of`em) .The place was swarming with foreigners. But   i din`t  find  anyone  who was kinda hot (if you know what i mean)   , ,well i was kinda  disappointed 😦   but then i convinced myself that ,, that was not the reason that  i had come all the way upto Rajasthan just to watch girls.And then i moved on.I ate really awesome Kachori there(worth around 25 rs),though it was a little expensive but  i found it kinda tasty. Here are  some of the photos that i took  at Jaipur:   This is only about Jaipur, I`l upload about Udaipur and mount abu too.So stay tuned.Please tell me how are they because i`ve carefully selected them from 700 – 800 photos.


Amer fort


Amer fort


Jaipur city palace


City palace.


Albert Hall


@ Hawa Mahal


On the way to Amer Fort


@ Nahar Gadh


Jaipur city palace


this thing is asias biggest. Beleive me ,,its really big.


At a zoo in front of Albert hall.